9-day Ski-touring program on Mt Aragats(4090m) and Mt Ishkhanasar(3550m)



Itinerary description


Mount Aragats, an impressive stratovolcano situated 40 km north-west from the capital Yerevan,  is the highest mountain in Armenia. The Byurakan Observatory and the medieval Amberd Fortress (7th centuries) are located on its picturesque slopes. There are four summits, North (the highest, 4090m), West (4080m), South (3879m) and East (3916m) that form the rim of a volcanic crater. Between South and East summits the crater wall is broken, and a stream flows down to Aragats village. Between the three other summits there are high saddles with breathtaking views.  Aragats slopes at 35-45 angle are covered with thick powder snow throughout winter months up to March.


Mount Ishkhanasar is a very relevant target for ski-touring. The height is 3550m and the approach point (1950m) starts right from the highway near Sissian, which is only 10km away from the latter.


Noravank monastery was founded in 1216 by Bishop Hovhannes, the former Abbot of Vahanavank. It is located 122 km from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by Darichay river, in the proximity of the city of Yeghegnadzor.

Ruins of various civil buildings and khachkars are found both inside and outside of the compound walls. Noravank was the residence of the Orbelian princes. The architect Siranes and the remarkable miniature painter and sculptor Momik worked here in the latter part of the thirteenth and early fourteenth century. Noravank is one of the most remarkable monasteries in Armenia, nestled among red-tinted rocks.

In village Areni there is a famous winery in which cellars you can taste the most famous sort of wines in the best quality the wines can ever be offered.


Jermuk is a town  located on a small mountain plateau framed with woody mountainsides at a height of 2080 meters above sea level and split with picturesque canyon of Arpa river.

It is famous for its hot springs and brand of mineral water that is bottled in the vicinity. The town has a large waterfall with a large natural bridge nearby, a small lake, forests with walking trails, and mineral water pools. Jermuk is continually being developed in the hope of becoming a hectic center of tourism.


"Avan Salt Plant" closed joint stock company is the only salt-producing company in the region. The Plant was built in 1967 just in the place of saltfield, located in Avan, an ecologically clean area of Yerevan.  The factory has two main types of production, which are "Extra" iodized, high-quality common food salt and the mining complex of rock salt.

"Extra" common food salt (no less than 99,5% of sodium chloride) is produced by the vacuum evaporation method of concentrated brine derivable in the underground holes at a depth of 1200 m.  The company is mining rock salt for the cattle breeding (no less than 93% of sodium chloride) and ground salt (no less than 90% of sodium chloride) for technical purposes in the plant's mine at a depth of 300 m.  Avan Salt Plant is prospering now. High technologies, new packaging lines are invested in the plant, as well as the company has acquired ISO International Quality Control System since 2003.
Honorable diplomas were awarded to the company for the high quality production at the international exhibitions for many times.
"Avan Salt Plant" CJSC is a member of European Salt Producers' Association (
EuSalt) since 2002.


Geghard is an incredible ancient Armenian monastery, some part of which is carved out of a mountain. The monastery has been constructed before the 4th century but the main cathedral was built in 1215. The monastery is located literally at the end of the road.

Garni temple is one of the few heathen monuments remained in the territory of Armenia. It was built in the first century A.D. by the Armenian King Tiridates. Garni combines elements of Hellenistic and national culture mixing them in a perfect combination. There are also ruins of mosaic ancient baths and residences in Garni. The value and uniqueness of its monuments place Garni among outstanding creations of architecture of worldwide significance.


Type – Day pack Ski-touring

Duration – 9 days, 8 nights

Start and end point - Yerevan




Day 1 Arrival  


v      Arrival in Yerevan at Zvartnots Airport

v      Passport control, issuing of visas

        v      Check-in at a hotel.

v      Yerevan sightseeing tour (included our new exclusive tour to "Avan Salt Plant" factory)

v      Overnight in the hotel in Yerevan




Day 2  Cultural day: Areni, Noravanq, Sissian  


v      Driving to Areni wine factory

v      Driving to Noravanq Monastery

v      Driving to Sissian

v      Overnight in the hotel in Sissian




Day 3  Ski-tour on Mt. Ishkhanasar 3550m


v      Ski tour on Mt. Ishkhanasar

v      Driving to town Jermuk

v      Overnight in the hotel in town Jermuk




Day 4 Ski-resort day, Jermuk


v      Skiing in the ski-resort

v      Excursion in the town

v      Driving back to Yerevan

v      Overnight in the hotel in Yerevan



Day 5 Village Aragats, ski-tour


v      Driving to Village Aragats, ski-touring up the camp side.

v      Overnight in the Camp



Day 6 Ski-tour on Mt Aragats North, West peaks


v      Sli-Tour on the north and east peaks

v      Physics laboratory hotel near frozen lake Kari

v      Overnight in the Physics laboratory hotel



Day 7 South peak, back  to Yerevan


v      Ski-tour on the south peak

v      Village Byurakan

v      Overnight in the hotel in Yerevan  


Day 8 Cultural day


v      Driving to Garni temple

v      Driving to Geghard monastery

v      Overnight in the hotel in Yerevan


Day 9 Departure

Transfer from the hotel and departure



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