Armenian sky

Start and end point: Yerevan
Accommodation: Hotel in Yerevan
Best season: April – end of October





God gave wings to birds, and dreams of flight to


People. You could fly in the Armenian Sky


“If you experience sailplane at least once, it will make you walk on the earth, looking up at the sky, where you have been, and willing to return…” These are the words of the great Leonardo da Vinci. In the best way possible, they express human beings’ dream of flight. Nowadays, thanks to paragliding, this dream can be fulfilled. Paragliding began not long ago, but is already quite popular. Every year, thousands of people from many countries of the world travel to the places where the necessary conditions for paragliding are present. Recently, paraglide have discovered Armenia.

The landscape and weather of the Armenian Highlands provide endless possibilities for anybody interested in paragliding. Long, dry summers produce great thermal flying conditions with the opportunity to stay in the air for hours.

Arrive at launch as you wish. Some sites offer long hiking approaches to a remote summit while other sites offer take-off points that can be reached via a short walk or even 4-wheek vehicle. Most sites are free of trees, providing launching sites in most directions.


Armenian Paragliding Sport Federation presents advantages of paragliding in Armenia:


- Lots of sunny days, year around

  (approximately 300), which promote high

   thermal activity.

- Mountains of various altitudes

   strong dynamic flows.

- Paragliding possible 9 months year

- Convenient pads for beginners.

- Low and high start levels (up to 4 km)

- Magnificent panorama from flying height

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