The secrets of underground

Start and end point: Yerevan

Accommodation: Hotel in Yerevan

Best season: April-the end of November


explore the underground world of Armenia, visiting the depths of unique karst Archeri (Bear) Cave


According to the available data, the Archeri (Bear) Cave is the longest karst cave in Armenia. The entrance to the cave is found 8 km south west of Arpi village – Vayots Dzor province. Cave settlement area has an arid continental climate with high temperature fluctuation. The absolute height of the entrance is 1655 m. The length of the cave is 3,5 km. The walls and arches of the cave are blanketed with a thick layer of tiff crystals, that form a strong arch system, which keeps it undamaged. It was called Archeri (Bear) Cave after a skeleton of a large bear was found – it is still a mystery, how this beast could be found on this depth. After all, there are no living creatures, except bats. It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of Archeri Cave. No photo can show you the amazing color shades, stalactite and stalagmite formations, cascade in leakages and pizolits. This cave holds a special place in underground areas of Armenia with its grandeur and mystery, interweaving of narrow entrances and huge halls, unique archeological discoveries. For those who like to examine the underground world, Archeri Cave will be a real discovery and will let you know Armenia from

A new angle.

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